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The Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty[1]

Your Mercedes-Benz is engineered to bring you years of driving pleasure. With this in mind, if you plan to drive your vehicle beyond its four-year/80,000 km new vehicle warranty, then a Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty might be right for you.

Extended coverage is available for up to seven years or up to a 160,000 km maximum, whichever comes first.[1] And if you change your mind and decide to sell or trade in your Mercedes-Benz during this period, an Extended Limited Warranty can help retain and increase the resale value of your Mercedes-Benz.

What are the benefits?

  • Choose from two or three years of additional warranty coverage,up to a 160,000 km maximum, whichever comes first
  • Protect yourself and your budget from unforeseen repair costs
  • Receive Emergency Roadside Assistance for the entire term of the Extended Warranty contract
  • Zero deductible
  • Honoured by authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers across Canada
  • Coverage is similar to your new vehicle warranty for two additional years, with powertrain coverage available for a third additional year
  • Backed by Mercedes-Benz Canada, not a third party
  • Transferable from person-to-person, via an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer[2]

How long does it last?

Add 24 months or 36 months of extended coverage or until the vehicle has reached 160,000 km, to your new vehicle basic warranty.

The Extended Limited Warranty begins on the first to occur of 48 months or 80,000 km (the end of your new vehicle warranty). If the vehicle reaches 80,000 km prior to 48 months, then the Extended Limited Warranty period will begin on the repair order date of the first warranty claim submitted at or over 80,000 km.

  • The 24-month/160,000 km coverage is similar to new vehicle warranty.
  • The 36-month coverage term includes the coverage of the 24-month plan, with the power-train covered for an additional 12 months.

When can I purchase this warranty?[3]

The Extended Limited Warranty can be purchased at any time during the new vehicle basic warranty period (48 months / 80,000 km), as long as the current owner purchased the vehicle from an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer.

If you have a Star Certified Warranty from a Pre-Owned purchase, it can be upgraded to an Extended Limited Warranty at any time during the new vehicle basic warranty period, as long as the vehicle has been regularly maintained by an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer. Depending on your model and date of purchase, $600 to $1,900 could be rebated off the purchase price of the Extended Limited Warranty.

Extended Limited Warranty Pricing[4] - Effective October 1st, 2013
  24 months 36 months
B / CLA $2,310 $2,630
C / SLK / GLK $2,620 $2,950
CLK / CLS / E / ML / R / GL 
$3,200 $3,650
AMG & Hybrid models: CLA / C / SLK / CLK / E / ML / R / CLS 
$4,590 $5,090
S / CL / SL 
$6,190 $6,880
G / SLS & V12, AMG & Hybrid models: S / CL / SL 
$6,990 $7,770

[1] Some terms and conditions apply.
[2] An administration fee applies.
[3] Please consult your dealer for pricing. Certain limitations apply.
[4] Dealer may sell for less. Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc. reserves the right to change prices at any time, and without notice

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